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Attorney Fees

Attorney fees are regulated by the Social Security Administration. We do not take a retainer fee or work for a fixed amount. We utilize a contingent fee agreement approved by the Social Security Administration. We are paid only if the case is allowed and past due benefits are paid out by the Social Security Administration. The fee is 25% of the past due benefits which are awarded to the disabled Claimant and his or her family.

Our maximum fee is set by the Commissioner of Social Security and is currently $6,000. This maximum fee applies in the vast majority of cases. The Commissioner has the authority to change this limit and last did so in June, 2009. In addition to the Social Security attorney fees, the Claimant is responsible for reimbursing us for any costs incurred to obtain medical records. We do not charge a fee out of a person's current or ongoing Social Security disability benefits. If a person is being reviewed by the Administration to see if he is still disabled but continues to receive Social Security disability benefits while the case is pending, we cannot accept representation since there are no back benefits in such cases.